Inclusiv Education is a social enterprise of Save the Children Australia

Who we are

What we do

We combine education, technology and development expertise to help our partners in the international development sector successfully adopt EdTech in challenging contexts.


Our advisory service provides end to end support, from EdTech program technical advisory to scalable implementation of EdTech services to support projects. We build, represent and curate collections of educational technologies based on sustainable, socially inclusive education and training models.​

Our Ethos

Capacity building

We aspire to help generations of educators and trainers develop the skills necessary to effectively use eLearning to increase access to high quality education and training and bridge the digital divide.

We partner with local country offices, INGOs, government institutions, donors and their development contractors to co-design programs which:


  • Train educators to prepare and design eLearning courses

  • Provide mentorship to successfully facilitate courses

  • Establish local technical support, training and eLearning consulting capabilities

Our Technology Principles

We curate technologies that:

  • Are Evidence-based

  • Value accessibility and inclusivity

  • Achieve value for money in attaining sustainable learning outcomes

  • Address common risks in EdTech4D

  • Apply to both formal education and capacity building in general

  • Align with The Principles for Digital Development (PDD)

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