The right to learn, anywhere.

We are dedicated to bridging the digital divide to realise everyone’s right to education and create lasting change for communities around the world.

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The right to learn, anywhere.

Millions of children around the world are missing out on education as a result of climate, conflict and other crises. At the same time, the digital divide is accelerating so that children with limited or no access to education are even more excluded, exacerbating poverty and underdevelopment.

Tackling something at this scale requires technology. But using it safely and effectively in places with low digital literacy, unreliable internet connections and other challenges is not simple.

It is essential though, and that’s why we specialise in it. We work with international development actors, education systems and companies to reach learners using technology in some of the most challenging settings.

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How we do it

We partner with international development actors, education institutions and corporations in low and middle income settings, including in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, using our experience in education, technology and international development.

We work with clients to recommend the most appropriate education technologies for each setting – from our own Inclusiv eLearning Platform (iLP) to a range of products curated for development contexts and based on the Principles of Digital Development. We offer an end-to-end service including program co-design and implementation, review, adaptation and reporting.

Our work is evidence-based, drawing on pedagogical evidence for course design, international development evidence to use technology safely and effectively, and real-time insights from project data. We also provide impact assessments and detailed reporting to meet donor requirements, including monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL) reporting.

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Creating change around the world  

Case Study

Papua New Guinea

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In partnership with Save the Children, this project supported 22 primary schools in the Western Province.

The project began as a collaboration between Save the Children and Digicel, with the latter providing tablets and data to the schools. We were engaged to provide literacy and numeracy apps and to train teachers in digital skills.

The project delivered positive results including 86% of teachers passing the training assessment. More than 60% reported improved personal skills and improved student skills in literacy and numeracy.

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With the Inclusiv eLearning Platform (iLP), you can deliver education and training in low-tech environments.

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