Steve Watt

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Steve has worked in education & training leadership roles for over 20 years and is currently leading the technology team deploying digital  curriculum to 15,000 children, teachers and parents in PNG.  


Ex Regional Vice President, Blackboard, Australia & NZ  and then Advisor to the global  Board of Moodle.

Steve is founder of EdTech management consulting firm, EDT Partners Asia Pacific and is also Co-Founder of  Inclusiv Ventures and Inclusiv Education.

Ian Reid

Senior Education Technology Consultant

Ian brings decades of experience in senior leadership of education, learning and development teams in both public education and private sector engagement in international development settings.

Ian has served as an Associate Professor for the University of South Australia Flexible Learning Centre and Chief Academic Officer at the International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management.

Tansel Tiknaz

Head of Product and Technology

Tansel has spent the past decade leading technology and software teams, specialising in transformation, system integration, web-based business applications and solving problems.  

Tansel has over 20 years of industry experience in designing and implementing innovative and scalable end-to-end solutions and strategies using open-source software, cloud-native applications and architecture across finance, B2B, education, health, not-for-profit industries. 

Bardie Barclay-Sutton

Programs & Operations Officer

Bardie has nearly a decade of experience supporting operations and program delivery for International Development NGO's.

Bardie has a background in applied anthropology and has worked on education and capacity building projects in Australia, Africa, and Asia. She works across operations, business development, project management, and MEAL. 

Remco Marcelis

Chief Financial Officer

Remco has worked with startups and high growth SMEs as a CFO and Virtual CFO for more than 10 years, following four years in venture capital and 10 years in multinational consulting/services firms.

Remco is the founder of Standard Ledger, our accounting firm. He is a chartered professional accountant with an advanced MBA degree from the University of Adelaide, and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

John Marsh

Co-Founder, Executive Director

John has worked in both business and aid sectors and has 20 years experience in donor funded private sector work in the Pacific, Africa and  Asia.

John has been country and regional program director for Concern, and Oxfam, worked with Ernst & Young providing Shared Value advisory services to  corporate clients and ODA donors.  


John is a Co-Founder of  Inclusiv Education and Inclusiv Ventures

Stephen McDonald

Interim Global Engagement Director

Stephen has been working in senior roles in aid and development since 2005, and brings an extensive background in the private sector, including in vocational education, business and IT consulting, and print media. 

Stephen has held operational and strategic leadership roles, including as a founding Director of the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership, as well as Head of Humanitarian Programmes and Head of Strategic Partnerships with Save the Children. 

Natalie Denmeade

Education Technology Consultant

Natalie began working with web technologies over twenty years ago and went on to become a teacher and educational transformation thought leader dedicated to International Development.  

Natalie recently developed and managed blended training programs in over 20 African countries and founded an NGO in Zanzibar, Tanzania. This has seen her develop and implement many social and education programmes, implement programmes using technologies in highly vulnerable environments.


Rebecca Andary

Product Management Advisor

Rebecca has nearly a decade eLearning product management experience supporting enterprise deployments and is a Masters Qualified teacher.

Ex Senior Manager, Managed Services and Product Management for Blackboard and NetSpot,  Rebecca has led product development strategies for the worlds biggest Moodle businesses . Rebecca works across customer acquisition and retention, IT roadmap development and execution and excellence in service delivery.


Rebecca also has extensive experience in running service desks and in project management and IT coordination.

~ In Memoriam ~

Tom Murdock

Past Independent Advisor

Tom's advice during the formative phases of our business was instrumental as we explored partnerships, appropriate pedagogical theory and opportunities to extend the benefits of the Open Source Moodle project into developing countries. 

Tom was an accomplished product visionary, marketer and company founder.  His work moved organisations towards reflective habits, scaffolded knowledge, and offered resonant leadership with a lot of heart.

Tom was a co-founder of Moodlerooms, and subsequently Education Advisor for Moodle.

Tom passed away in late 2018 and we aim to celebrate his life with every new educational opportunity created.

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