We will work with you to thoughtfully co-design EdTech project elements which scale the impact of your projects. 

Program Co-Design

Inclusiv Technical Advisors are available to work with Save the Children and other International Development stake holders to Co-Design programs and corresponding services which appropriately incorporate Education Technologies.   Wherever practical, we offer short term design services without charge.


Our team can also assist International Development Actors with:

  • Technology Selection

    • Technology Recommendations Report for new projects

    • Quality Assurance Reviews for proposed apps & other new products

  • Analytics, Research & Reporting

Our team takes an evidence-based approach and we actively incorporate project elements which address common points of failure from historical EdTech4Development projects.

Managing EdTech Project Risks: 

7 Areas to Address

Inclusiv has developed an emerging framework for managing project-failure risks based on historical EdTech for Development project reviews.  We apply this framework when reviewing new program designs or assessing technology partners.

View our presentation to the 2020 Global Digital Development Forum:

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